New For You: Gluten-Free Picks for the On-the-Go Lifestyle

Here are our gluten-free picks for your busy, on-the-go lifestyle. These delicious products will make life a little easier and keep your time in the kitchen to a minimum during these warm months when you just want to be outside. 

Laughing Giraffe Organics spiced dried fruits

Fruit snacks to dry for

Laughing Giraffe Organics just introduced Kick’n Mango and Kick’n Pineapple dried fruit snacks, inspired by popular street foods from around the globe. The line is made with fresh, organic fruit and is vegan, gluten free, kosher and certified non-GMO. The Kick’n Mango flavor is made with organic dried mango, a hint of lime and a kick of jalapeno, inspired by street fruit from Mexico. Kick’n Pineapple is based on a popular Ecuadorian drink and is spiced with a touch of warm cinnamon.

Biena chickpea snacks

Go gaga for garbanzo

Biena’s roasted chickpeas are light, crispy and delicious, plus each flavor is made with less than six ingredients and full of protein to satisfy your hunger. The gluten-free snack comes in tons of flavors: milk or dark chocolate, salted caramel, sea salt, sour cream and onion, honey roasted, ranch and more. They have the convenience and crunch of a bag of chips but packed with protein and fiber.

Brooklyn Bites cookie brittle

Try this brittle-sweet treat


Brooklyn Bites recently launched a line of cookie brittle that is made without gluten, dairy or soy. It comes in six flavors and offers a crispy, flavor-packed punch to satisfy a sweet tooth or crunchy craving without derailing healthy eating efforts. The ingredients in the cookies are high quality, including coconut oil, low-glycemic coconut sugar, almond milk and gluten-free oats. The most popular sellers are Coco Crispy Rice, Nutty Chocolate Sea Salt and Cinnamon Coffee Cake.

Just the Cheese snack bars

Keep it cheesy

Just the Cheese is crunchy, full of flavor and made to be enjoyed without crackers. It’s an easy appetizer when guests drop in or perfect to bring on the go when you need a cheese fix. The bars are only 75 calories each, and Just the Cheese also offers mini bites. They are all low in carbs and gluten free, and come in tantalizing flavors like jalapeno cheese, grilled cheese and Wisconsin cheddar. These rich bars will be a hit with foodies, dieters and kids alike.

Fullgreen cauli rice

Veg out


The Fullgreen cauliflower rice is a great way to get your veggies in with a low-carb rice replacement. There are packs with just cauliflower and others with cauliflower and broccoli or tomatoes, garlic and herbs. They’re non-GMO and gluten free and are 100 percent vegetable with no preservatives. These products are designed to be simple to prepare as a quick alternative to rice or grains. Each pack of riced veggies is one of your five-a-day vegetable quotas.

Crazy Richard’s almond butter

Don’t spread yourself too thin

Crazy Richard’s believes you only need a great almond to make a perfect almond butter, and that salt, sugar and hydrogenated and palm oils just get in the way of a delectable product. The ingredients in this almond butter are the highest quality, and almond butter can be used on just about anything: fruit, gluten-free toast, pancakes, in a smoothie and many other options. It’s a delicious, guilt-free pantry staple.

Perfectly Peckish boiled eggs

The local yolk


This new product line of boiled eggs from Perfectly Peckish pairs organic hard-boiled eggs with a container of crunchy flavored dip made with quinoa. The combination creates an unexpected way to pump up the flavor of a traditional protein-packed snack. Each kit contains two perfectly cooked eggs with a container of dip for premium portable snacking.

The Vegan Knife Gluten Free & Vegan Cupcake and Cake Mix

Have your cake and eat it, too

These cupcake and cake mixes come in chocolate, vanilla spice, birthday cake and even a donut mix. All are gluten free, wheat free, soy free, egg free, dairy free, nut free and vegan, so you can bring them to any birthday party and know just about anyone can try one. Just add non-dairy milk, oil and vanilla.

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