Jersey Mike’s Gluten-Free Sub Rolls ‘Shore’ to Please

Jersey Mike's gluten-free roll

After receiving positive reviews in several test markets, sandwich chain Jersey Mike’s Subs is introducing gluten-free sub rolls at all 1,300-plus U.S. locations beginning Dec. 4. Jersey Mike’s will be using Udi’s Gluten Free rolls nationwide after testing them in stores in California, Colorado and Florida. The Gluten Free Philly blog first reported news of the planned roll-out. The Udi’s rolls were chosen over another company’s gluten-free par-baked rolls that were tested earlier this year in other markets like Philadelphia, New Jersey and North Carolina. Jersey Mike’s currently has locations in 44 states and Washington, D.C.

“The idea of offering gluten-free rolls came from a franchisee whose daughter had celiac disease,” explained Michael Manzo, Jersey Mike’s Chief Operating Officer. “Before going national, we decided to try a pilot in several markets and we are happy to report success: customers loved the taste and they were excited to be able to eat a Jersey Mike’s sub sandwich again—or for the very first time.”

According to Manzo, the company is in the process of training employees on how to incorporate the new product into sandwich preparation. The rolls arrive at each store individually wrapped and fully baked. Manzo says there is little risk of cross-contamination with other subs because the Udi’s packaging is not opened until the gluten-free sub is ordered. Employees will change gloves before handling the rolls and use knives and other utensils that haven’t touched traditional bread when slicing the gluten-free version. They will also prepare each sandwich on parchment paper to avoid contact with the counter. Manzo said that the company is working with the Gluten Intolerance Group to obtain certification.

The gluten-free sub roll can be used for most hot or cold subs on Jersey Mike’s menu because the majority of sandwich varieties don’t contain gluten. Giant-size sandwiches made with the Udi’s roll will cost $3 to $4 extra, with a regular-size offering (made on a giant roll that has been cut down with a clean knife) an estimated $1 to $2 more.

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  • Katrina Flagel Placer

    But what about hands dipped into veggies with previously contaminated gloves?

    • blackjackbouvier

      When I order GF foods out, the preparer puts on new gloves for my order.

      • Steven B

        Doesn’t matter if the gloves are the clean if the veggies are contaminated. For example, if an employee touches glutneous bread, then grabs veggies for said glutenous sandwich, those veggies are now contaminated and not gluten-free.

  • Karen Hooks

    This is good to hear but $3 to $4 more is alot. I really dont understand why Gluten Free Rolls are so expensive!

    • blackjackbouvier

      They have to be made in a gluten-free facility with no gluten ingredients present – hence the added cost.

      • Mikey Van

        So there are made in a facility that already make gluten free products so there is no added cost in manufacturing but because it is gluten free it is a cash cow for some one.

        • Kellbell511


  • Sue Doenim

    Looking for a recipe for GF bread, made WITH eggs, for a bread machine…

  • Diane Diehl

    When will Jersey Mike’s have wraps on Maui?

  • phil conroy

    I had their current roll and it feel apart while trying to eat the hoagie. I will try the new one in December. I think right now Udi hamburger rolls are used at fast food burger places like Smashburger and Red Robin. So it sounds promising.

  • Laurie Byrum

    I love Udi’s. What brand do you like better? I will need to try it! All GF bread dries out so quick.

  • Jeff Cornwell

    “Against the Grain” rolls and baguettes are the best tasting and hold – up the best that I have found, but EXPENSIVE.

  • Kellbell511

    ..sorry for the slow response, I didn’t see yours! 🙂 Both my husband and myself absolutely LOVE – Sam’s Choice Gluten Free Bread. I like the white and he prefers the multi grain. You can find it in the bread section at your local WalMart. It tastes like regular bread and best of all the texture is like regular bread, not dry and grainy like Udi’s. We keep the loaves in the fridge and they last for at least a week if not two if you keep them sealed tightly. They also make hamburger and hotdog buns now too! I hope you can find it, I think you will especially like the texture of the Sam’s Choice. Take care!! Kelly