Instead of Gluten-Free Meal, Passenger Given Popcorn for 10-Hour Flight

A German-based airline is receiving backlash for reportedly serving a 39-year-old man with celiac nothing but popcorn and potato chips on a 10-hour flight from Mexico to England.

According to reports, James Howe had ordered the airline’s gluten-free meal option when he pre-booked first-class seats for a flight home from his honeymoon in Mexico back in October. Instead of the full meal he was expecting, Howe said he received nothing but snacks.

He posted a photograph of the “meal” along with a message for the airline on Facebook saying:

“Popcorn and crisps to get me through 10+ hours Fabulous way to end our lovely honeymoon. PEOPLE BEWARE if you book a meal “they are subject to availability and nothing is guaranteed.” This is news to me!”

The Mirror reports that an airline spokesperson said Howe has since received an apology.

“We’re very sorry to hear of Mr. Howe’s experience on his journey home from Cancun,” the spokesperson told the Mirror. “We have contacted the customer directly to apologize and offer a gesture of goodwill.”



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