Holiday Baking Inspired by Vienna’s Cafés

By Jacqueline Mallorca with photos by Michael Grassia

Cold weather is fast approaching, and family and friends will soon be gathering for year-end celebrations.

Of course, no holiday feast is complete without a special dessert or two. These might be tried-and-true classics like pumpkin pie or pecan pie. Then again, it could be time to start a new tradition and put a sweet surprise on the table that originated in old-world Vienna.

Happily for us, many of the legendary desserts still served in elegant Viennese coffee houses and private homes can be successfully tweaked to make them gluten free.

These include—but are by no means limited to—a marbled kugelhopf baked in a fluted “Turkish turban” mold, a delicate white cheese torte, an addictive raisin and lemon loaf cake, and an over-the-top chocolate Sachertorte.

 Any one of them is sure to add sparkle to your holiday baking repertoire. Guten appetit!

Viennese-Style Chocolate Torte



Marbled Kugelhopf


White Cheese Torte



Raisin and Lemon Cake

lemon cake

Recipes © copyright 2016 by Jacqueline Mallorca.
The author of more than a dozen cookbooks to date, GFL Contributing Food Editor Jackie Mallorca’s most recent titles include The Wheat-Free Cook and Gluten-Free Italian.

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