Hershey’s, Mars, and More! 27 Gluten-Free Halloween Goodies

Halloween is almost here! This is one major holiday where there’s a surprising number of gluten-free goodies available. Many of the major manufacturer’s best-known products are already gluten free (yes, even candy corn). There’s a good chance your favorite is on our list. Please note: This is not a list of every gluten-free goodie out there. For a more comprehensive list, click here for this guide from the Celiac Disease Foundation. Be sure to remember to read labels to verify that all ingredients are gluten-free, as manufacturing practices may change. Before unwrapping, you are advised to verify ingredients directly with the manufacturer if you’re ever in doubt.

See below for a list of some Halloween classics along with some dedicated gluten-free offerings. Tell us what your favorite is on Gluten-Free Living’s Facebook page!

Mars Candy


1. M&M’s

(Note: There is a cross-contamination risk on pretzel-flavored M&M’s and some of the brand’s other special flavors.)

Gluten-Free Halloween Candy


2. Three Musketeers Bars

(This is our second favorite candy. Keep reading to see our personal fave.)  

Gluten-Free Halloween Candy
3 Musketeers Bars



3. Milky Way Midnight Bar

(We love the dark chocolate. Try this future classic.) 

Gluten-Free Halloween Candy
Milky Way Midnight Bar


4. Snickers

(Chocolate, peanuts, caramel, and nougat: A winning combo.)

Gluten-Free Halloween Candy
Snickers bars


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