Half of Consumers Think Gluten-Free Diet is a Fad, Research Says


Some interesting consumer perspectives of the gluten-free diet are revealed in research data from Mintel. Some of it is contradictory and shows how complex the gluten-free market has become.

The short version:

  • Half think the gluten-free diet is a fad
  • More are eating gluten free
  • Less are using the diet for weight loss
  • Most think the quality of gluten-free food has improved
  • Some have less trust in the true gluten-free status of products.
  • Some are less strict when they eat out in restaurants
  • More restaurants are offering gluten-free menus and options on these menus are growing
  • Eating in restaurants continues to be problematic for those who have celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.

To get more details on results from the survey, visit QSR’s website.


  • VickiKent56

    Well then, half of the consumers haven’t suffered a gluten attack!