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We’ve got the latest on gluten-free news, research, and updates, but Gluten-Free Living also enjoys sharing the  off-beat items that are making the rounds online in Here’s What’s Trending. Find out more about actress Kristen Bell learning she had a genetic marker for celiac disease, a gluten contamination study with some surprising results and much more!

The Good Place Star Kristen Bell Sees Bright Side of Celiac Disease “The Good Place star Kristen Bell got some bad news earlier this year when her doctor revealed that she has a genetic marker for celiac disease. She had already started an elimination diet to clear gluten from her system and suss out other problematic food groups, when she got the word. ‘I was like come again? All I eat is bagels,’ Bell tells Women’s Health.” Click here for the full story.

Allergen-Friendly Faves for Halloween

Simply Gluten Free: “Halloween is all about treats and indulgences, and while that’s great for most people, it can be pretty daunting for families with food allergies and intolerances. Luckily, we’ve found some delicious gluten-free treats that are also free of many other allergens. The following products can be handed out to trick-or-treaters, shared with your kids’ class for Halloween parties, or enjoyed at home for a special occasion.” Click here for more.

Ten Amazing Facts About Celiac Disease Did you know the celiac disease is linked to Neanderthal ancestry? How about that celiac affects more women than men? Or that most people don’t ever exhibit symptoms? Learn about more amazing facts by clicking here.


The Gluten Contamination Study We’ve Been Waiting For A team of researchers recently set out to assess three common scenarios where people with celiac disease might reasonably fear gluten contamination. How did the actual risk for each situation measure up? Click here to learn more.


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