Gluten-Free Granola Recall

Manufacturer Purely Elizabeth is voluntarily recalling several gluten-free, grain-free granola and bar products due to possible contamination with foreign matter such as glass, plastic or rocks.

The company was alerted to the issue by a customer, and no injuries or illnesses have been reported, according to CBS News.

The products all contain cashews and all have best-by dates starting in November and running through the end of the year. The recalled items include:

• 16-ounce packages of Coconut Cashew Grain-Free Granola (sold at Costco; UPC code 855140002946; best by 11/30/19, 12/3/19, 12/5/19, 12/4/19)

• 8-ounce packages of Coconut Cashew Grain-Free Granola (UPC code 855140002700; best by 10/19/19)

• Coconut Cashew Grain-Free Bars (carton UPC code 810589030073; 1.4-ounce single bar UPC code 855140002137; best by 11/27/19, 12/20/19, 12/21/19)

• Banana Nut Butter Grain-Free Bar (carton UPC code 810589030059; 1.4-ounce single bar UPC code 855140002090; best by 11/26/19)

• Peanut Butter Grain-Free Bar (carton UPC code 810589030042; 1.4-ounce single bar UPC code 855140002076; best by 11/29/19)


• Chocolate Sea Salt Grain-Free Bar (carton UPC code 810589030066; 1.4-ounce single bar UPC code 855140002083; best by 11/28/19)

• 8-ounce packages of Banana Nut Grain-Free Granola (UPC code 855140002724; best by 10/17/19, 12/12/19)

• 8-ounce packages of Pumpkin Spice + Ashwagandha Grain-Free Superfood Granola (UPC code 810589030158; best by 12/7/19)

Customers should not eat the recalled foods, but rather should contact the company for free replacements.

Purely Elizabeth’s products are sold at stores such as Target, Walmart, Costco, Publix and Whole Foods, as well as online on Amazon, Thrive Market and the Purely Elizabeth website. According to a company spokesperson, the recalled snack bars never made it to retailers, and the affected products were not sold at Target or Walmart.

To learn more about the recalled items, see the statement on the Purely Elizabeth website. And for more information, contact the company by phone at (720) 242-7525, extension 106 (9AM to 5PM MST, Monday through Friday), or by e-mail at [email protected].


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