Eating Simply

We have some fun traditions that surround the fourth of July and as the weekend ended, I thought about how much easier it is for my son and me to attend these functions and still follow the gluten-free diet.

In years past, I would pack up a sandwich, pretzels and other snacks when we went to my sister-in-law’s club for their big Fourth of July celebration. This year I just packed bathing suits and towels. I didn’t even have to monitor what my son was eating because he now knows what to order and what is safe to eat. I did get involved after he told me he was on his fourth snow cone and third cotton candy. I realize they are gluten-free, but I also just spent a chunk of money at the dentist getting a couple of cavities filled.

We then went out to the North Fork of Long Island to visit my mother-in-law and once again, I only packed a few slices of bread and a couple of snack bars. I used to pack pancake mix, cookies, cereal and all sorts of food because the gluten-free diet was so unheard of and she felt bad if my son didn’t have food to eat that was just like everyone else’s food.

Our dinner was crafted from the farms and ocean that surround her house. We had a gorgeous piece of striped bass that had been caught a couple of days earlier with a fresh tomato salsa, organic salad greens, corn, asparagus, beets and roasted potatoes….all grown or caught within a ten mile radius. It was a simple, delicious and entirely gluten-free meal.

In the morning, my mother-in-law brought out a selection of Chex cereals just for me and my son. She was absolutely thrilled to have them in her pantry, completely prepared for her grandson’s visit.

It’s easier and easier to eat simply and to eat locally and most importantly, to eat delicious gluten-free foods without lots of preparation.

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  • Congratulations to you, your son and your mother in law.
    Sure it was a wonderful day.

    For celiac patients should be easier to buy their products without gluten.

    That partnerships supported by government information campaigns and of course laws that controls food manufactured with proper labeling.

    We have a high population that is not diagnosed with celiac, I think I need some medical protocols, and include tests for all patients suspected of celiac.
    I worry about my granddaughter, I am concerned when a teenager …
    have to go with your bag full of food prepared at home?
    and in college, may be left to eat with the rest of their classmates?

    My son is not celica, but his daughter, my granddaughter if so …
    My son wants to explore his career in the U.S., I am concerned, is that the house no problem, but they make your social life?
    many grcias for reading my concerns.

    I have written to the Association of NY, even presiedente Obama … I ask God to read the letter and inpomga laws
    as there is in Europe.
    The universal Celiac sprue is a disease for which there are no laws in all countries to look after the health of our children. ?
    thank you very much

    gluten free sonia Spain