Cover Recipe, July/August 2019

Our July/August 2019 cover of Gluten-Free Living celebrates dosas, light, crisp crepes made of rice and lentils.

Gluten-free magazine dosa

Dosas, an Indian street food, are endlessly adaptable and inarguably delicious and fun to eat. They can be stuffed with or dipped into a variety of flavorful fillings, like the ones on the cover of our Summer Survival Guide issue. The dosas pictured contain dark chocolate, heavy cream, honey, cardamom, ice cream and toasted nuts for a heavenly summer treat. 

The recipe on this cover comes from Dosa Kitchen by food truck owners Nash Patel and Leda Scheintaub and features 50 recipes for fillings, chutneys and even cocktails to serve alongside your dosas. Gluten free, dairy free and fermented, dosas have the nutritional profile that contemporary cooks and eaters want, appealing to dietary restrictions of all kinds without sacrificing heartiness or taste. The recipe for classic dosa batter can be found here.

Feature stories in this issue include 7 ways to recover from gluten exposurecommon gluten-free myths busted, a feature on the high impact of celiac disease in women and the benefits of the elimination diet. 

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