Cheeseburger in GF Paradise

My family is very partial to cheeseburgers, it’s one of the three meals that all four of my children will eat without complaint. We tried a place that was highly recommended for burgers in New Rochelle, NY, AJ’s Burgers. It did not disappoint.

The serving dishes were fry pans, the fries are sliced potatoes plunked right into hot oil and the place had a low key, jeans appropriate ambiance. The cheeseburgers were cooked exactly how we ordered them, the toppings were fresh and savory and best of all, the owner understood gluten-free.

I ordered my burger with the usual “no bun” which prompted the question, “is this a gluten thing?” I replied that it was and I was then asked if I would like my burger wrapped in lettuce in place of a bun. I said yes, my son said no. He hasn’t eaten a vegetable since it came from a jar, with the exception of practically force fed baby carrots.

The sole redeeming quality of iceberg lettuce is to wrap up cheeseburgers with a crunchy, gluten-free “wrap” in order to eat it without a knife and fork. It’s messy but really quite good. In and Out, the California burger chain, has perfected the “double, double-protein-animal style” burger since they wrap the whole thing with lettuce and paper to ease the spillage of delicious condiments right down the front of one’s shirt.


Since I am in New York and not California, it’s great to have AJ’s Burgers so close to home for that cheeseburger fix. I am glad that more and more people are asking if special requests are a “gluten thing” and finding creative ways to accommodate it.

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One thought on “Cheeseburger in GF Paradise

  1. Cheeseburgers can be so good. However, I seem to be eating less and less meat. That being said I can still appreciate a nice juicy burger with all the trimmings.

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