Cheerios Launches Two New Gluten-Free Flavors


Strawberry Cheerios JPEGStarting your morning with a healthy breakfast is the key to getting your day started. However, eating the same thing over and over again can become monotonous very quickly, particularly when you are living on a gluten-free diet and your options are limited. But what if one of your breakfast staples was available in a variety of seasonal flavors to help you mix things up? Starting this spring, Cheerios cereal will be doing just that.


General Mills is launching two limited edition Cheerios flavors: Strawberry and Pumpkin Spice. The best part? Both varieties are gluten free. Gluten-free Strawberry Cheerios, which use real strawberries from California, are launching this spring and already popping up in stores across the country.


Pumpkin Spice Photo 2Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a few more months to try the gluten-free Pumpkin
Spice flavor, which won’t be hitting shelves until fall. According to General Mills, the expected launch date for this festive flavor is this upcoming Labor Day.


Just because you’re gluten free doesn’t mean you need to get stuck in a rut, so switch it up and bring some refreshing new flavors to your morning routine. These fun new variations on a beloved classic are something the whole family can enjoy; just make sure you try them before they’re gone!


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