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Common Causes and Treatments of Dysbiosis

When a bacteria imbalance develops, called dysbiosis, both the good and the bad bacteria are compromised leading to a whole host of issues. Fortunately for some, the body can correct the imbalance on its own with a simple change in diet, but for others, medical intervention may be necessary.


Gluten Detective Allows User to Test Gluten Level at Home

In late 2017, a new tool— Gluten Detective— was introduced onto the U.S. and Canadian markets. This tool allows a person to rapidly test his or her gluten level at home. The test allows a person to see if they have accidentally consumed gluten without knowing.

Gluten-Free Trends and Innovations to Watch in 2019

From new gluten-free snack options to improved rates of diagnosis and increased awareness, 2018 was a year chock full of change for those eating gluten free. This year is bringing with it many new trends and exciting innovations to keep an eye on. 

Can a Childhood Virus Trigger Celiac Disease?

A common intestinal virus contracted in early childhood appears to initiate the later development of celiac disease, according to a new report from Norway.