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New Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookie Joins 2019 Lineup

Girl Scouts in select areas will be selling new gluten-free option, Caramel Chocolate Chip cookies. These feature rich caramel, semi-sweet chocolate chips and a hint of sea salt.


Top 5: Innovative Products We Can’t Wait to Buy

We are always on the search for innovative products that are completely new to the marketplace, reimagine childhood favorites with clean ingredients, or are made from whole and fiber-full foods. These are the top five products that will consistently appear on our shopping list.

Gluten-Reduced Wafers Can be Used for Eucharist

For those who are gluten free and Catholic, when it is your turn to take the Eucharist, ask for a gluten-reduced wafer knowing that the church—at least in the U.S.—approves.

23andMe Test Can Show Predisposition for Celiac Disease

23andMe, a popular genetic service that offers information on health and ancestry based on DNA, is raising awareness of celiac disease and helping people discover whether they have a genetic health risk for the disease.

Can a Gluten-Free Diet Help With Vitiligo?

Celiac disease and vitiligo, a skin disorder, are both linked to autoimmune diseases and a gluten-free diet could be beneficial in helping treat both.