Gluten-free Baker Hits a Sweet Spot

Patti Furey Crane did not set out to be a gluten-free baker. But treats at her Mariposa Baking Co. proved so popular she now runs two California bakeries.

Day in the Life: Jess Madden – doctor & celiac disease patient

Jess Madden has the unusual perspective of being both a doctor and a celiac disease patient. In addition to her work as a neonatologist, she is a mom to four children and writes the blog, The Patient Celiac. Read about her typical busy day as she prepare for the New York City Marathon.

Gluten-free baker smells success

A Day in the Life: George Chookazian started his gluten-free bakery more than 20 years ago out of love and necessity. Now he shares details on days spent surrounded by the sweet smell of currant English muffins and more.