Gluten-Free Q&A Session With Chef Jilly Lagasse

Chef, author, mom and video producer Jilly Lagasse answers your gluten-free questions. Readers wrote in to ask about eating gluten free while traveling, gluten-free cocktails, feeding picky kids, eating at friends’ houses and more. 

A Lack of Transparency: Where Are All These Oats Coming From?

News editor Jennifer Harris asks companies to show transparency and disclose the source of oats used in gluten-free products. She explains the “oat controversy” in the gluten-free community and how those with celiac disease can stay safe.

A Slice of Gluten-Free Life: My Celiac Disease Journey

In this week’s episode of the monthly video series A Slice of Gluten-Free Life, chef, author and video producer Jilly Lagasse shares her journey with celiac disease, how she was diagnosed and how she has learned to thrive with the autoimmune disease.

Questions Gluten-Free Students Should Ask on College Tours

After reflecting upon my college search process, here are the questions that I wish I had asked on my college visits that would have given me a clearer picture of the gluten-free dining options at each school.