Gluten-Free Q&A Session With Chef Jilly Lagasse

Chef, author, mom and video producer Jilly Lagasse answers your gluten-free questions. Readers wrote in to ask about eating gluten free while traveling, gluten-free cocktails, feeding picky kids, eating at friends’ houses and more. 

A Lack of Transparency: Where Are All These Oats Coming From?

News editor Jennifer Harris asks companies to show transparency and disclose the source of oats used in gluten-free products. She explains the “oat controversy” in the gluten-free community and how those with celiac disease can stay safe.

A Slice of Gluten-Free Life: My Celiac Disease Journey

In this week’s episode of the monthly video series A Slice of Gluten-Free Life, chef, author and video producer Jilly Lagasse shares her journey with celiac disease, how she was diagnosed and how she has learned to thrive with the autoimmune disease.