California Pizza Kitchen’s Cauliflower Crust

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) introduced a cauliflower crust made with gluten-free ingredients to its menu in January. Eager to explore dishes that put vegetables at the center of the plate, CPK makes its cauliflower pizza crust in a certified gluten-free facility with a custom blend of mozzarella cheese, rice flour, herbs and spices.

The new cauliflower crust provides a lower-carb alternative to its traditional gluten-free crust, which was added to the menu in 2013.

“Putting our spin on a cauliflower-based crust seemed like a natural, and exciting, next step,” says Brian Sullivan, senior vice president of culinary innovation. “Now, we are proud to offer our guests a new, uniquely delicious way to enjoy their CPK pizza, with a vegetable-centric, cauliflower-based crust that’s made with high-quality, gluten-free ingredients.”

Any CPK pizza can be prepared on one of the gluten-free crusts for an additional charge of $2.50. CPK’s gluten-free offerings comprise four pizzas: barbeque chicken; pepperoni; mushroom, pepperoni and sausage; and Margherita. Each pie is prepared using the safe-handling procedures created and approved by The Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG). Due to kitchen space limitations, only the four varieties listed above adhere to GIG’s certified procedures. All other pizzas are made in a shared cooking area, putting them at risk of cross-contamination with wheat.


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