GIG & Schar Provide Bunk Boxes to Gluten-Free Campers

gluten-free bunk box
A happy camper holding a Generation GF bunk box.

It’s summer, which means thousands of kids around the country are packing their bags and heading off to summer camp. Thanks to Schar and the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG), many gluten-free kids won’t have to miss out on the camp bunk box tradition while they’re away from home.

The bunk boxes, filled with gluten-free snacks and swag, are part of the GIG’s Generation GF program, which focuses on developing gluten-free youth. “Generation GF was created to build confidence in kids, teens and young adults with gluten-related sensitivities and to help develop them into the future leaders of the gluten-free community,” GIG says on its website.

The boxes will be delivered to 1260 campers at 13 gluten-free camps across the country. For June and July, the boxes will contain only Schar products; in August, the boxes will also contain products from another Generation GF sponsor, Don’t Go Nuts.

The camps receiving the boxes are:

  • Camp Carolina Trails, NC
  • Flying Horse Farms, OH
  • Camp Gluten Freedom, IN
  • Camp Hertko Hollow, IA
  • Gluten Free Michigan Kids Camp, MI
  • Camp Kweebec, PA
  • Taylor Family Foundation, CA
  • Camp Setebaid, PA
  • ROCK Minnesota, MN
  • Camp Kanata, NC
  • Camp Sealth, WA
  • Camp Sweet Life, MN
  • Camp Aldersgate, RI

If your child’s camp is not on the list, parents can send the information for the camp directly to the GIG, and the organization will attempt to set up a program for next year.

“We have been so pleased with the overwhelming response to the bunk boxes that we have put together for the kids,” said Chris Rich, GIG’s vice president of development.


To learn more about the Generation GF program, visit Your child can also sign up for a free 1-year membership.

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