An apple-tizing meal

Apple dishes2

Hard to believe that we’re more than a week into October! Time to take advantage of the seasonal bounty by preparing a menu to delight everyone at your table with these apple-centric recipes from Gluten-Free Living contributor Laura Hahn:

I spent my childhood in upstate New York, which is full-blown apple country in September. I was lucky to have at least 15 apple farms within a 10-mile radius.

Apple picking was always a weekly event, not something we did just once a year. Our extended family came in for the apple festivals, and we all had a blast spending weekends at the orchards.

To this day, I go apple picking a few times a year. Something about the crisp fall air and the juicy bite of an apple freshly picked off the tree is addictive to me. I spend weeks planning what I will make with the apples that I bring home and then make sure to pick the right types for my recipes.

These recipes use a variety of apples, from Granny Smith to Honeycrisp to Empire. All apples are not identical, and each brings different characteristics to the table. But any kind of apple is fun to pick.



Apple-Stuffed Chicken

Apple stuffed chicken

Apple Carrot Ginger Soup

Apple Carrot Ginger Soup

Apple Canapés

Apple canapes

Apple Butter Sundae

Apple Butter Sundae framed

Spiced Cider Cocktail

Apple Cider_framed

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