Another use for gluten-free soy sauce

The night before last, I went to a Golden Anniversary celebration for Lotus Tours, which is the company Bob and Ruth’s Travel and Dining Club works with for their gluten-free trips. Mike Kong, the owner, has been very supportive of the gluten-free community so I was glad to participate in his celebration.

The party was in Chinatown and if you know lower Manhattan at all, you know it’s a maze of streets that I suspect even those who live there don’t totally understand. Surely the many passers by I had to ask for directions were clueless. So getting there was a challenge.

However, the restaurant was charming, the music soothing and the company delightful. The food, you ask? Well, it was limited in terms of gluten free, so I ate two plates full of rice that contained peas and carrots and was delicious. When I went to congratulate Mike, he presented me with a bottle of gluten-free soy sauce. It was sweet and a little bit funny and we both enjoyed the gesture.
When I got back to the table, I joked that if I was mugged on the way home, I would reach into my purse for my gluten-free soy sauce and menace my attacker. We decided it would be a formidable weapon. Fortunately New York City is now a whole lot safer than it has been in years past so the soy sauce and I got home in one piece.’

It was a good deal easier getting back since I knew where I was going. Once home, I sat down to listen to President Obama talk about health care, secure in the knowledge that come what may, I had gluten-free protection – in more ways than one!


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2 thoughts on “Another use for gluten-free soy sauce

  1. I rely on my gluten free soy sauce when I order california rolls to go. I’m glad you did not have to use yours as a weapon. Being alert in NYC is always important and walking quickly doesn’t hurt either!

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