Taste Test: Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookies

As of this year, Girl Scouts of America offer two gluten-free Girl Scout cookie options, Toffee-tastic and Caramel Chocolate Chip, meaning those who are gluten free can join in the excitement of Girl Scout cookie season and find a new favorite treat.

According to a Girl Scouts press release, both gluten-free varieties are offered only in select Girl Scout council markets for as long as supplies last and can only be purchased from a registered Girl Scout. And “reflecting the cost of production,” gluten-free cookies may be priced higher than other Girl Scout Cookies.

Because only registered Girl Scouts may sell Girl Scout Cookies, their availability is typically limited to the six- to eight-week period when girls are engaged in the program through their local council, so Girl Scout Cookie season is the time to stock up on these gluten-free goodies. The Girl Scout Cookie Program promotes girls’ development of entrepreneurial and life skills, and the earnings from cookie sales go toward experiences for the members.

Here are my thoughts on these two cookie options so you know what to expect when you grab a few boxes.

Caramel Chocolate Chip

These cookies just started being sold in 2019, so they’re the ones everyone is dying to get their hands on. They feature rich caramel, semi-sweet chocolate chips and a hint of sea salt.

Gluten-Free Girl Scout CookieThe Caramel Chocolate Chip cookie, which contains gluten-free oat flour, has a dry, cakey texture and slightly salty aftertaste. The caramel is slightly overpowering, but it combines with the sea salt to create a savory tasting cookie.


The cookies are packaged in a resealable bag rather than the traditional Girl Scout cookie box. They contain milk and eggs but are baked in a peanut-free and gluten-free facility.

Though the cookies don’t taste or look like a “typical” Girl Scout Cookie, they bring a balance of sweet and savory and are a safe and sophisticated choice. They’re not a cookie I personally would reach for, as the caramel is stronger than I prefer and overwhelms the chocolate, and I am a fan of a moister cookie. However, I shared the cookies with my colleagues and the caramel lovers among them enjoyed these. We conducted a quick Instagram poll and 57 percent of voters gave the cookies a thumbs up!

The cookies are smaller than the usual Girl Scout cookie, and three of them contain 170 calories.



Toffee-tastic is the more well-known gluten-free Girl Scout cookie, since it was first introduced in 2015. They are buttery and rich, containing sweet crunchy bits of toffee.

The cookies are light, very buttery and crumbly, with added texture sticking to the teeth from the toffee. Toffee-tastic cookies are evocative of childhood, but also make a delightful addition to afternoon teatime.

It would be easy to inhale the whole box of these cookies, because even though they’re buttery and sweet, they’re smooth and light and don’t feel overpoweringly sweet. The cookies are made with rice flour and I would never guess they are gluten free. In fact, I imagine non-gluten-free folks would enjoy these every bit as much as their traditional favorite boxes.

They do contain milk and soy ingredients and are certified gluten free. Two of these cookies contain 140 calories.


To learn more about the Girl Scout Cookie Program and find out when Girl Scouts will be selling cookies near you, visit www.girlscoutcookies.org.

Have you tried either of the gluten-free Girl Scout cookies, and what did you think? Let us know your thoughts by emailing [email protected], or let us know via Facebook or Twitter.

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