9 New Crave-Worthy Snacks to Try at Target this Fall

Target launched a new, huge addition to its ever-expanding line of owned brands (think Archer Farms, Goodfellow & Co, and Simply Balanced) when Good & Gather hit stores on Sept. 15 with 650 new products. Among the ready-made pastas, fruits, veggies and dairy are plenty of gluten-free snacks. 

The complete Good & Gather line, which includes a whopping 2,000 items, will be available starting next year. According to Target, the idea behind Good & Gather is quality food made without artificial synthetic colors, artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup.

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“Our guests are incredibly busy and want great-tasting food they can feel good about feeding their families,” says Stephanie Lundquist, executive vice president, Food & Beverage, Target. “We saw this as a huge opportunity for Target to help. So our team got to work on our most ambitious food undertaking yet, reimagining our owned food brands to serve up convenient, affordable options that do not cut corners on quality or taste.”

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If you love Target as much as we do, you likely can’t wait to try see what’s available. Don’t sleep on this list. We’ve got nine snacks to grab the next time you hit Target. Click here to find a Target store near you.

Personally, we’re looking forward to taking a bite out of the Almond, Peanuts & Sea Salt Fruit and Nut Bars.

New Good & Gather gluten-free snacks at Target


Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chip with Flax Seeds – 18oz – $3.99


18oz bag feeds the whole family
Organic, kosher and gluten free
No preservatives
20g of whole grain per serving



Lightly Salted Popcorn – 5oz – $2.49


5oz bag is perfect for sharing
23g of whole grain per serving
Kosher and gluten free
No artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives



Traditional Kettle Chips – 8oz – $2.19


Kettle cooked for crispy-crunchy texture
Seasoned with sea salt for a light, savory flavor
Perfect for lunches, parties, barbecues and afternoon snacks
Kosher and gluten-free
Resealable bag for freshness



Veggie Straws – 7oz – $2.49


Made with real fruit puree concentrate
Mango fruit strips have a sweet, satisfying taste
Gluten-free, Non-GMO Project verified and kosher
No certified synthetic colors, artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners
Contains 25 fruit strips



Almond, Peanuts & Sea Salt Fruit and Nut Bars – 4ct – $4.59


4pk of gluten-free nut bars provides an excellent source of fiber*
Made with almonds, peanuts and sea salt with drizzled cocoa for a simple, tasty snack
Each bar contains 6g protein and 8g fiber for a satisfying bite
Non-GMO Project Verified and made without artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, synthetic colors, partially hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup


Organic White Cheddar Baked Puffs – 10oz – $4.99


Great-tasting alternative to potato chips
10oz bag
Kosher and gluten-free
No artificial flavors or synthetic colors



Organic Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips – 12oz – $2.99


Organic tortilla chips with 22g of whole grain per serving
Made from yellow corn for great taste
No preservatives
Kosher and gluten-free
Chips pair perfectly with a variety of salsas and queso dips


Organic Kettle Corn – 7oz – $2.49


7oz bag is perfect for sharing
12g of whole grain per serving
Kosher and gluten free
No artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives



Parmesan Garlic Kettle Chips – 8oz – $2.19


Kosher and gluten-free
Potato chips are kettle cooked for crispness
Parmesan-garlic flavor makes a great snack and pairs with a variety of other foods
Resealable bag for freshness



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