8 Recipes to Refresh Your Christmas Leftovers

Now that Christmas is over, many people are left with mounds of leftover food. While eating cold turkey sandwiches and re-heated mashed potatoes can be appetizing for a few days, there are plenty of recipes that can give your turkey, lamb, potatoes, creamed corn or Brussels sprouts a makeover and transform them into a new, appealing meal. Make sure none of your leftovers go to waste by incorporating them into one of these eight delicious recipes.

1. Day-After Turkey Bone Gumbo

The beauty of this dish is that it utilizes so much of that leftover turkey meat as well as giving you another use for the leftover carcass. It’s the perfect comforting dish to have the day after all the holiday madness and it transforms your turkey leftovers into something new and exciting. Get the recipe.

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