7 Crowd-Pleasing Gluten-Free Game Day Recipes

Whether you’re a football fanatic or not, delightful dips, hot wings and cold drinks will make any game day memorable. In fact, the Big Game, set for Sunday, Feb. 13, is the second biggest day for food consumption in the United States. What’s the first? That would be Thanksgiving. No matter who you’re rooting for, these crowd-pleasing recipes will keep any group of fans satisfied – gluten-free or not.

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Spicy Cauliflower Wings

7. Gluten-Free Spicy Cauliflower Wings

If you have yet to try cauliflower wings, this recipe is a must. These “wings” are covered with a gluten-free flour batter to give a delicious crunch with that perfect kick of spice. While others are enjoying deep-fried chicken wings (in fact, more than 1.3 billion wings are expected to be eaten during the championship), you can get the same crunch and flavor without the guilt. Get the recipe.

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