3 Friends Went Gluten Free for 30 Days – Here’s What Happened

How long have you been living the gluten-free lifestyle? A few days? A couple of years? Most of your life?

However long it’s been, you’re aware of how challenging going gluten-free can be. Here are the stages of going gluten-free for those who don’t know. First, there’s shock at how pervasive gluten is (it seems to be everywhere!). Then, frustration kicks in as the search for gluten-free alternatives begins. Finally – this stage can be particularly difficult – there’s a barrage of questions from friends and family about your new diet. Let us know how many times you’ve been asked – “can you eat this?”

But what would happen if you gave up gluten for 30 days? Even if you didn’t have to? Three friends over at Goodful.com found out in a recent video.

Does this sound familiar?

“I was pretty surprised that things I thought were naturally gluten free ended up not being. I went to grab my favorite salad dressing and it has wheat. All the salad dressings I looked at had wheat in them”

How about this?

“All I wanted was some French fries. I was determined so I pulled over just so I could Google ‘what fast-food chain has gluten-free fries’.”

Or this?

“I wonder what it would be like for someone who doesn’t live in a big city. I went to Palm Springs and realized I live in a gluten-free bubble in Los Angeles.”

See what other lessons the friends learned in this 12-minute clip. One surprising thing they found, going gluten free did seem to have some health benefits. And at least one person isn’t going back to gluten after the challenge.

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