11 Gluten-Free Foods Taste Tested: Sangria, Cookies, Bagel Puffs and more!

Every two weeks, Gluten-Free Living taste testers sample a batch of new gluten-free foods and beverages and share their first impressions on Facebook Live. During the latest Facebook Live event, they tried everything from sangria to bagel puffs to cauliflower in a bag in search of the must-have gluten-free eats on the market. 

Watch the video to hear their thoughts and check out the list of products mentioned and where to find them. 

If you would like to send gluten-free products to Gluten-Free Living for consideration in a future Facebook Live event, email the editor at lgoerne[email protected] for the shipping address. Stay tuned on Gluten-Free Living social media for more live product tasting events.

Geefree Bagel Puffs

Geefree ‘s bagel puffs, available in cinnamon raisin, everything-on-it and plain, are a scrumptious snack or appetizer for any time of day. They bring the bagel store right to your home and are bursting with a cream cheese center. Bagel puffs will be your new favorite way to start a crisp morning or keep guests munching in the evening. Buy them here. 


Partake Foods Cookies

These cookies come in tantalizing flavors like Double Chocolate Chip, Birthday Cake, and Carrot Cake. If you don’t feel like holiday baking, a box of these crumbly cookies will hit the spot. They are free from the top 8 allergens, vegan, kosher and non-GMO. Buy them here. 

Fat Snax Cookies

Fat Snax produces keto, low carb, sugar free cookies so you can indulge during the holidays without going off the deep end. The flavors offered are Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter and Lemony Lemon. You can stay in ketosis while enjoying a snack with these cookies made with almond flour and coconut flour. Buy them here.

Alter Eco Chocolate

This Swiss-made chocolate is dark and smooth, crafted from organic cacao by farmers who are replanting South American rainforests. Alter Eco offers a wide selection of fair trade certified products and most of them are gluten free, too. To address cross-contamination, the company has a strict sanitation policy accompanied by product surface testing to ensure there are no residual allergens present. Buy them here.


Portland Sangria 

What is better on a hot summer day than sangria in a can?! The northwestern take on sangria is 6.5% ABV and made with light wine, juice, herbs and spices. It is available in three refreshing flavors. Buy them here.

Gaea Veggie Snacks

Gaea offers cauliflower, carrot, gherkin and olive snacks for the on-the-go veggie lover. They are low calorie and made with real vegetables marinated in Gaea extra virgin olive oil and lemon or vinegar. Lightly pickled, these bite-sized snacks are convenient and scrumptious. Buy them here.

Amazing Grass

These green superfood tablets can be dropped into a glass of water and produce an effervescent beverage with electrolytes, vitamins and superfoods. Our taste testers sampled Hydrate, Detox, Energy and the original. Each contains the equivalent of one full serving of greens and veggies. Buy them here.


Grass Fed Coffee

This cold brew butter coffee with MCT oil is a great beverage for those following a Keto or Paleo diet. Grass Fed Coffee uses the highest quality ingredients, including a blend of South American coffees, grass-fed butter and MCT oil sourced from coconuts. According to their website, butter coffee can boost cognitive function, support fat burn, balance mood and hormone levels and reduce hunger. Buy them here.

ZEGO Foods Just Fruit Bars

These bars are a good balance of sweetness and tartness. ZEGO describes them as “thick fruit rollups with dramatically better taste, texture, nutrition and fiber.” They are vegan, Paleo, free from the top 12 allergens and won’t spike your blood sugar. The fruit is grown in the U.S. to minimize the carbon footprint and maximize nutrition and flavor. Buy them here.

FitJoy Pretzels

These Himalayan Sea Salt pretzels are dairy-free and plant based as well as gluten free. They are baked from cassava and chickpea flour and make a great crunchy snack with zero grain. Grain-free snacks can increase energy and boost weight loss in addition to aiding the digestion. Buy them here.


HU Kitchen Dark Chocolate Gems

This snacking and baking dark chocolate is vegan and Paleo, made with organic cacao. It contains no dairy, gluten, cane sugar, refined sugar, sugar alcohol, palm oil or soy lecithin. The hexagon-shaped chocolate chunks have a rich cocoa flavor with subtle caramel notes. The HU Kitchen says the hexagon-shaped chocolate look “dope” when baked and will bring a “major glow-up” to gluten-free baked goods. Buy them here.

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