10 New Gluten-Free Comfort Foods to Stock Up Your Pantry

During a Gluten-Free Living Facebook Live event on May 9, the GFL team gave their first impressions of hot new foods in the gluten-free products world. They sampled traditional comfort foods with a healthy or gluten-free twist, including chickpea puffs, cheese bread, mac ‘n cheese and more. All of these products are easy and quick to prepare or bring on the go and will satisfy your craving for a treat. 

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1. Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels

This comfort snack is made with no cane sugar, dairy or grain and is plant based. The low-glycemic, organic coconut sugar blends with creamy coconut milk to make a mildly sweet caramel that won’t give you a sugar crash. It’s made with simple ingredients and is USDA organic and non-GMO. Buy them here.

2. KidFresh Gluten-Free White Mac ‘n Cheese

It doesn’t get much more “comfort food” than mac ‘n cheese. This gluten-free version is made with rice and egg pasta, pureed white beans and cheese from cows not treated with growth hormones. Whether you’re serving this to your child or enjoying it yourself, you can feel good about this option since it has no artificial flavors or ingredients, 12 grams of protein and is a great source of calcium. Plus, it even sneaks in some veggies. Buy them here.

3. Oven-Baked ParmCrisps

This 100% cheese snack comes in jalapeno, sesame, pizza and original flavors. The snacks are artisan-crafted, crunchy crisps made of aged parmesan cheese and premium seasoning. They are oven-baked  in small batches and have no artificial growth hormones, flavors, colors or preservatives. Plus, they’re only 100 calories per serving. For any cheese lover, this is a great option to enjoy on salad, soup, sandwiches, with a glass of wine or just right out the back as a snack any time. Buy them here.

4. Brazi Bites Authentic Brazilian Cheese Bites

This Brazilian Cheese Bread is an ideal side, snack or appetizer. It’s made with an authentic family recipe using simple, wholesome ingredients and takes just minutes to prepare. In addition to being gluten free, Brazi Bites are vegetarian and soy free. The savory flavors are Cheddar & Parmesan, Garlic Asiago, and 3 Cheese Pizza. A new flavor coming this spring is Cinnamon Churro. Inspired by the popular pastry, this flavor melts in your mouth with cream cheese and sugar and spice. Buy them here.

5. Keogh’s Potato Chips

Our taste testers sampled the Shamrock and Sour Cream gluten-free chips, delicious Irish potato crisps handcooked on a family farm. The chips contain traditional Irish shamrock, and are grown in small batches. They’re suitable for vegetarians and come in plenty of scrumptious flavors. Buy them here.

6. Mikey’s Pockets

Mikey’s believes that gluten-free comfort food doesn’t have to sacrifice nutrition. They believe in clean eating, low carbs and lots of free-froms. These pizza pockets are grain free, dairy free, paleo, soy free and non-GMO. Our taste testers sampled the Ham & Cheese Pockets and Cauliflower Curry, but the pockets are available in traditional pizza flavors, too. Buy them here.

7. Fairlife Nutrition Plan

This chocolate-flavored shake is high protein and low sugar, made to help people achieve their health goals. It contains 30 grams of protein, 8 vitamins and minerals and 2 grams of sugar, so it’s a satisfying way to support your health goals while enjoy a sweet, smooth beverage. Buy them here.

8. Barbara’s Puffins Cereal and Honest O’s Cereal 

These gluten-free breakfast cereals are a good way to start your morning or rev up your afternoon. The Puffins Honey Rice cereal contains 5 grams of sugar and 22 grams of whole grains per serving. It’s made with real honey and whole grain brown rice. Honest O’s multigrain cereal is a heart healthy option that blends corn, oats and brown rice. It contains 6 grams of sugar and 3 grams of protein, plus calcium, iron and potassium. Buy them here.

9. Biena Baked Chickpea Puffs

A fluffy, crunchy snack, these chickpea puffs are a healthier substitute for chips or a similar snack food. They have 30% less carbs than Pirate’s Booty and contain 7 grams of plant protein per serving. The puffs contain very few ingredients, mostly chickpea flour and chickpea protein, and come in plenty of finger-licking flavors. Buy them here.

10. UPTIME Energy

Uptime’s energy drink, available in White Peach Lemonade or Blood Orange, contains natural caffeine. There are sugar free and cane sugar options. The sparkling beverages are refreshing and the sugar free option contains only 5 calories per bottle. With 142 mg of natural caffeine, these tasty beverages will give you the kick you crave. Buy them here.

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