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Can a Gluten-Free Diet Help With Vitiligo?

Celiac disease and vitiligo, a skin disorder, are both linked to autoimmune diseases and a gluten-free diet could be beneficial in helping treat both.


Should You Try the Whole30 Program?

Why you should do a Whole 30 diet? By removing the food groups that often cause inflammation in the body you’ll most likely experience renewed energy, healthy skin, reduced bloating and joint pain, improved digestion, quality sleep and mental clarity.

Top 10: Gluten-Free Junk Foods

Sometimes you just need to indulge in a bag of chips or a chocolate bar, so we rounded up a list of 10 popular, delicious junk food options that are gluten free.

4 Flavorful Make-Ahead Party Foods

Prepare these four crowd-pleasing recipes ahead of time for a party or to have on hand this holiday season. All of these recipes can be made in advance to make your holiday less stressful.

Gluten Free Orange Date Bread — Sponsored

This super-comforting orange date bread recipe goes gluten-free without sacrificing flavor or texture, thanks to our gluten-free baking and pancake…