Gluten-free soy sauce blasts off

Two summers ago in an interview for a story in Gluten-Free Living about marinades, Gary Murphy told me that NASA was interested in sending his Little Soya soy sauce into space. Now, the little plastic fish-shaped containers of gluten-free soy sauce are about to blast off.

Follow the Gluten-Free Bread Crumbs

As Celiac Awareness month kicks off May 1, Gluten-Free Living Editor Amy Ratner measures how far we travel in the gluten-free world from May to May.

Gluten-free Holiday Stuffing Made Simple

For a fairly simple dish made mainly with bread, vegetables, seasonings and egg, stuffing causes a lot of grief for gluten-free diners, especially around the holidays. If you are looking for innovative, easy stuffing for this year’s holiday meals, you’re sure to find one here.

A yogurt that contains wheat

Typically, yogurt that doesn’t contain granola, pieces of cookies or cereal is gluten free. So you can imagine my surprise when I…