Steps Toward Health in the New Year

At the same time, while maintaining a gluten-free diet is necessary for one’s wellbeing with celiac, it’s only one piece of a much larger health puzzle. Gluten free or not, everyone needs to focus on taking care of themselves. The new year just happens to present a natural time to think about everything from the connection between food and disease to making healthy lifestyle choices such as not smoking and exercising regularly. 

Your Essential Holiday Helper

Whether you are the only member of your family with celiac or hosting more gluten-free diners than not, the holidays should be about celebrating this season of joy. Just as you navigate the rest of the year gluten free, you can do the same during the holidays.

Asymptomatic Celiac Disease

While many individuals who are diagnosed with celiac exhibit symptoms, not everyone does. But no symptoms does not mean that gluten is not causing problems. 

Celiac and pregnancy

Many women wonder about issues regarding celiac and pregnancy. Learn what to expect and how to safely follow the gluten-free diet when eating for two.

Staples of the Community

These companies have been around for decades, but they don’t rest on their laurels, as they continue to develop fun,…

Bone Symptoms of Celiac Disease

Celiac disease can manifest in many different ways. While symptoms can affect the whole body, those involving the gastrointestinal system…

Into West Africa

Kate McNamara had just started her dream job when she received a diagnosis of celiac disease. It would have been…

A New Voice in the Celiac Conversation

When Cameron Weiner introduced himself to Michael Frolichstein in July 2015 at the Evanston Public Library in Illinois, he had no idea that a collaboration…

Day in the Life: Jess Madden – doctor & celiac disease patient

Jess Madden has the unusual perspective of being both a doctor and a celiac disease patient. In addition to her work as a neonatologist, she is a mom to four children and writes the blog, The Patient Celiac. Read about her typical busy day as she prepare for the New York City Marathon.

Gluten-free Halloween Cookies

You’ll love making and eating these gluten-free Halloween Eyeball cookies. Follow step-by-step instructions from a gluten-free bakery in New York.

Gluten-free baker smells success

A Day in the Life: George Chookazian started his gluten-free bakery more than 20 years ago out of love and necessity. Now he shares details on days spent surrounded by the sweet smell of currant English muffins and more.

Sharing a Kitchen When You’re Gluten Free

Blogger and Gluten-Free Living contributor Susan Cohen describes how she is successfully sharing kitchen space with her boyfriend, who’s not gluten free. And she shares some tips from top gluten-free dietitians.

A Day in the Life: Celiac disease expert Alessio Fasano

A typical day for Alessio Fasano, M.D., a world-renowned expert on celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, doesn’t seem to exist. This isn’t surprising given his many roles, or hats as he describes them, at Mass General Hospital for Children and in the gluten-free world at large.

A Gluten-Free Day in the Life of Jules Shepard

Jules Shepard is a jack of all gluten-free trades. She founded Jules Gluten Free, authors gluten-free books, hosts an Internet radio show, is an eHow Presenter and travels the country to talk about living gluten free.

Gluten-free holiday gift guide

Find the perfect gift for your gluten-free loved one. We’ve compiled the best new treats and tools on the market including sweet cookies, kitchen gadgets, fashionable cookware and a beer lover’s basket. Wrap up your shopping with gifts that will warm their hearts and bellies this holiday season.