Generation GF: Calling All Gluten-Free Kids (and Parents)

Have you heard of Generation GF? Generation GF, a program of the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG), is designed to build confidence in kids, teens and young adults, and help develop them into the future leaders of our gluten-free community.

The program’s goal is to provide safe environments where kids don’t have to worry about what they are going to eat and can just enjoy the fun that comes with being a kid. Generation GF aims to provide families with a resource through which they can have their questions answered and where they can feel more involved with others in their community. Most importantly, this is a program that all age groups will embrace and feel happy to say that they are members of Generation GF.

Generation GF Groups around the nation have curriculums designed to address the needs and challenges that they face in their everyday lives. These groups use fundraisers, special events, and family nights to raise awareness for the gluten-free lifestyle to their communities. They will be building on this support foundation and expanding their outreach even more through the creation of leadership opportunities, adult mentorships, and gluten-free education to schools.

In addition, Generation GF works with summer camps across the nation to provide gluten-free kids the chance to have a week of adventure without thinking about the safety of their food. Visit their camp page to find out more about these opportunities and to learn more about the possibility of obtaining a camp scholarship from GIG.

One of the most fun parts of the Generation GF program is the exclusive kids’ magazine! Designed specifically for Generation GF readers, the Generation GF Magazine features stories, games and interviews with other gluten-free kids, teens,and young adults. Stay informed with everything other gluten-free kids and teens are doing by signing up for the Generation GF Magazine here.

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