Gluten-Free Beer Roundup

Regional and international gluten-free breweries create a variety of styles for every palate. Check out our roundup of gluten-free beers for help finding your best brew.

Gluten-Free Dining Halls

Four universities have created dedicated gluten-free dining halls to provide a safe, hassle-free eating experience for students on the gluten-free diet.

Gluten-free Pasta Takes Flight

Mark Ladner, an executive chef at Mario Batali’s acclaimed Italian restaurant in Manhattan, Del Posto, has developed a gluten-free version of every pasta dish on the menu there — even the popular 100-Layer Lasagna. Now he’s bringing his creations to other parts of the country.

Worry Free Vacations

Illustration by Daniel Vasconcellos, How to plan for gluten-free meals while you’re seeing the world Where to Go We…