Cover Recipe, September/October 2019

Our September/October 2019 cover of Gluten-Free Living celebrates fall with an Apple Season Layer Cake. Find out what else is waiting within this issue!

Are Oreos Gluten Free?

Are Oreos gluten free? Unfortunately no, they are not, as wheat is used in the Oreo recipe. 

Is Nutella Gluten Free?

Is Nutella gluten free? Yes, it is! Nutella does not contain any ingredients deriving from wheat, barley, rye or oats, according to the Ferrero Foodservice website. 

Does Beer Contain Gluten?

One of the first questions you may ask yourself after starting a gluten-free diet is: does beer contain gluten? Most beer is not gluten free, since beer is most often made from malted barley and hops, and sometimes wheat.

Is Ice Cream Gluten Free?

Many flavors of popular brands of ice cream are gluten free. Brands like Ben and Jerry’s, Breyers and Häagen-Dazs have plenty of gluten-free options.

Are Potatoes Gluten Free?

Wondering if potatoes are gluten free? The short answer is yes, potatoes are a starch vegetable and don’t contain gluten. However, some potato dishes might!

Is Salad Dressing Gluten Free?

Whether salad dressing is gluten free is a confusing topic, because many dressings do contain gluten in additives, while others do not. We de-mystify gluten-free salad dressing.

Is Soy Sauce Gluten Free?

Many people who are new to the gluten-free diet find them self asking: is soy sauce gluten free? It comes as a surprise to many, but soy sauce is not gluten free. In most soy sauce, wheat is actually the first ingredient. 

Are Marshmallows Gluten Free?

Are marshmallows gluten free? Find out which brands to safely reach for and some mouthwatering gluten-free recipes that incorporate marshmallows.

Perdue Foods Recalls Gluten-Free Chicken Tenders

On May 31, Perdue Foods recalled 31,703 pounds of chicken, including refrigerated, fully cooked gluten-free breaded organic chicken tenders under the PERDUE® SIMPLY SMART® Organics brand. 

7 Gluten-Free Recipes for your Summer Cookout

As the first long weekend of summer approaches, it’s time to fire up the grill and create a summer of memories with scrumptious, flavorful gluten-free recipes. Here are seven of our favorites that you will crave all summer. 

8 New Gluten-Free Products for Summer

During a Gluten-Free Living Facebook Live event on May 23, the GFL team gave their first impressions of hot new gluten-free products that would be excellent to have on hand this summer. This time, they sampled graham crackers, protein bars for kids, tea, granola, brownies and more! 

Cryotherapy for Celiac and Autoimmune Diseases

Some suggest that cyrotherapy, or cold therapy, can relieve many symptoms for those with chronic pain and autoimmune diseases like celiac disease. Since up to 50 million Americans suffer from autoimmune diseases, could this icy treatment be a solution?

10 Refreshing New Gluten-Free Products to Try Out This Weekend

During a Gluten-Free Living Facebook Live event on April 12, the GFL team gave their first impressions of hot new foods in the gluten-free products world. They sampled brownies in a cup (just add water), feel-good tea, salmon jerky, gluten-free breakfast cereal and much more. 

10 Best Gluten-Free Bread Recipes

Whether you are hankering for banana bread, zucchini bread, a loaf that can create a hearty sandwich bread, breadsticks or a gingerbread loaf, we have a recipe that will get you started. 

How Doctors Test for Celiac Disease

To diagnose celiac disease, blood tests (serology testing or genetic testing) and an endoscopy are currently the methods doctors use to test for the disease. The blood test and biopsy are the only way to determine for certain whether a person has celiac disease. 

Product Roundup: 10 Sweet Snacks You Must Try This Spring

During a Gluten-Free Living Facebook Live event on March 29, the GFL team gave their first impressions of hot new foods in the gluten-free world. These products, from gelatin shots to birthday cake bites to probiotic gummies, are innovative and exciting products to stock up on for spring events.

10 Gluten-Free Poultry Recipes For an Unforgettable Dinner

These 10 gluten-free poultry recipes that incorporate chicken or turkey will bring something a little different to your weeknight dinner. These dishes are quick enough to throw together on a busy night but have elegance and complex flavors that make them a fit for Sunday dinner, too. 

6 Plastic Straw Alternatives That Won’t Harm You Or the Planet

One alternative to plastic straws that some businesses are adopting is the pasta straw, made from wheat pasta. Of course, this is a concern for those who are unable to consume gluten, even though it may be a sound choice for the environment. However, there are plenty of gluten-free and plastic-free alternatives to plastic drinking straws available. These are our favorite options that can be used guilt-free in place of an unsafe straw that may be offered. 

Product Roundup: 9 Gluten-Free Foods to Energize and Excite

During a Gluten-Free Living Facebook Live event on March 15, the GFL team gave their first impressions of hot new foods in the gluten-free world. Some gems were discovered and devoured along the way, as taste testers found products that energize them throughout the week.  

Top 5 New Products at Expo West

We ate our way through the Expo West floors, which boasted a mix of small mom-and-pop startups and massive industry players. Here are our favorite new products from Expo West 2019.

Top 5 Dairy-Free Products at Expo West

We know that many of our readers are dairy free as well as gluten free, so we rounded up some of the best dairy-free products at Expo West to share. These products go outside the box and may be things you’ve never seen before, but we think they’re worth a try.

Product Roundup: 10 New Gluten-Free Foods and Beverages for Spring

During a Gluten-Free Living Facebook Live event on March 1, the GFL team gave their first impressions of hot new foods in the gluten-free world. Some gems were discovered and devoured along the way, as taste testers found products that will carry them through the new season with a spring in their step. Watch the video to hear their thoughts and check out the list of products mentioned and where to find them. 

Taste Test: Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookies

As of this year, Girl Scouts of America offer two gluten-free Girl Scout cookie options, Toffee-tastic and Caramel Chocolate Chip, meaning those who are gluten free can join in the excitement of Girl Scout cookie season and find a new favorite treat.

Gluten-Free Love Q&A: Sex, Dating, Kissing and Beyond

Relationships, crushes and romance may spark questions for those adhering to a gluten-free diet. Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive about all things romance: dating, kissing, sex drive and how to show love to someone on a gluten-free diet.

10 Gluten-Free Date Night Ideas

A romantic Valentine’s Date doesn’t always have to revolve around food. Here are some alternatives to dinner that take the focus off food so you can have a good time worry-free. 

10 Gluten-Free Pizza Recipes for National Pizza Day

National Pizza Day can unite us all, because who doesn’t love a hot slice? Whether you crave vegan ‘za or a meat-loaded deep dish pie, gluten-free recipes abound to get you on your way. Here are our top 10 pizza recipes, from Moroccan Chickpea Skillet Pizza to Thin-Crust BBQ Pizza with Crispy Bacon.

11 Healthier Gluten-Free Football Snacks

Whether you’re a New England Patriots fanatic or cheering for the Los Angeles Rams, most people can agree that snacks are a quintessential part of a great game day. For healthier gluten-free football snacks, read our list and get ready to enjoy the game!

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Gluten-Free Caterer

When you’re shopping around for a gluten-free caterer for your party or wedding, it’s okay to ask lots of questions. Whether you’ll be having separate gluten-free dishes or an exclusively gluten-free spread, here are some essential questions to ask a potential caterer to make sure they check all the boxes before you hire them. 

Q&A With the Gluten Intolerance Group

The Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG), founded in 1968, empowers the gluten-free community through consumer support, advocacy and education. Their outreach…

Save Money and the Earth by Cooking With Scraps

“Cooking With Scraps” is a new cookbook that teaches readers how to turn peels, cores, rinds and stems into fresh, gratifying meals. Authored by Lindsay-Jean Hard, the book serves as a reference for using every part of food, from the water in canned beans to broccoli stems to pineapple rinds. Hard organized the book from A to Z, which isn’t common with cookbooks, because she views it as a reference book and a jumping off point.

Q&A With Emotional Eating Expert Heidi Schauster

Gluten-Free Living spoke with Schauster about her new book, Nourish: How to Heal Your Relationship with Food, Body, and Self. She answered questions on maintaining a healthy mindset with the gluten-free lifestyle, cultivating self-compassion, eating and exercising mindfully, predictions for 2019 and more.

5 Gluten-Free Cocktails to Mix Up for the Holidays

This Thanksgiving, impress your guests with a holiday cocktail while keeping things gluten free so you can celebrate as much as you want! Any of these cocktails can easily be made without alcohol for those who don’t drink it, but these fun holiday flavors will be a treat either way. Toasting to the holidays never tasted so good. 

Top 10 Gluten-Free Books for Kids

If you need a holiday gift for a young friend or just a book to help a child understand celiac disease, we’ve rounded up the top 10 gluten-free books for kids. Each of these books breaks down the disease in a way that is positive and easy to understand for young readers.

Your Essential 2018 Gluten-Free Holiday Directory

Welcome to your one stop shop for everything you need to have a magical gluten-free holiday. You’ll find our favorite holiday recipes in each category, must-have products and gift ideas, tips on staying healthy this season and more!

Top 10: Gluten-Free Junk Foods

Sometimes you just need to indulge in a bag of chips or a chocolate bar, so we rounded up a list of 10 popular, delicious junk food options that are gluten free.

7 Delectable Recipes to Celebrate National Cake Day

One of the most wonderful things about cake is the many varieties you can choose from, so here are seven gluten-free cake recipes that will tempt you and make you cave in to eating cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner!