Is Celiac Disease Destroying Your Teeth?

Research shows that people with celiac disease have a higher chance of developing dental problems, from enamel problems to a dry mouth, when compared to control groups.

Creative and Delicious Gluten-Free Pizza Crusts

While crusts made with gluten-free flour are becoming more commonplace (even in the fast-food industry) there are a number of more creative ways to make a pizza that is not only free of gluten, but mouthwateringly delicious too.

‘Bee’ Kind To Your Body With Honey

Honey can be a part of the gluten free diet and can sweeten and add interest to many dishes that are good for people who are avoiding gluten due to celiac disease. But did you know that honey has many medicinal properties as well? Honey can be used as a first aid treatment and can even be helpful for gut health.