Gluten-Free Snacks for Busy Kids

Here are some kid-approved, protein-filled, gluten-free snacks that only take minutes to prepare, taste fabulous, and will fill kids up until dinner time.

Gluten-Free Packing Tips for the 21st Century

When it’s time to board a flight to a much-needed vacation destination, packing the right foods and tools goes a long way to relieving anxiety. Here are our best tips for enjoying a safe and tasty flight full of gluten-free food and relaxation. 

Common Causes and Treatments of Dysbiosis

When a bacteria imbalance develops, called dysbiosis, both the good and the bad bacteria are compromised leading to a whole host of issues. Fortunately for some, the body can correct the imbalance on its own with a simple change in diet, but for others, medical intervention may be necessary.

5 Naturally Flavored Candies for Easter Baskets

The search for dye-free candies to fill Easter baskets is upon us. With sweet and sour, hard and chewy, and eye-catching creations, these companies have replaced the artificial candies of the past with healthful versions that taste even better. 

100 Percent Gluten-Free Hotels and Inns

For people with celiac disease, one of the keys to being relaxed on vacation includes gluten-free food. Why not visit one of the five 100 percent gluten-free travel destinations (in the United States and abroad) and leave the gluten-free cuisine to the professionals?

Gluten-Free Eateries: Which States Have the Most?

Since we started building our lists of gluten-free bakeries, cafés and restaurants in 2017, we have been astounded watching the number grow. We wondered, though—which states have the most dedicated establishments? 

Top 5: Innovative Products We Can’t Wait to Buy

We are always on the search for innovative products that are completely new to the marketplace, reimagine childhood favorites with clean ingredients, or are made from whole and fiber-full foods. These are the top five products that will consistently appear on our shopping list.

Your 2018 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

It is never too early to make that list and check it twice when it comes to shopping and holiday gift giving. While it may seem difficult to come up with a good gift for your friend or loved one following a gluten-free diet, the possibilities are limitless. Here are our top six ideas for gluten-free gift giving.

Hot Product Picks at Expo East 2018

Gluten-Free Living traveled to Expo East 2018 so we could bring you news on the latest and greatest gluten-free products. Here are our 20 hot picks!

Our Picks for Dairy-Free Milks

These companies are blazing a nut- and plant-based trail with protein- and fiber-filled gluten-free milks made from nuts, pea protein, seeds and vegetables.

Can we deactivate celiac disease?

New research from scientists at Stanford University suggests it could be possible to deactivate celiac disease by blocking a specific enzyme.

Gluten-Free Restaurants Across the U.S.

Gluten-Free Living has you covered for any upcoming travel plans. Check out our list of dedicated gluten-free restaurants and dedicated gluten-free bakeries across the country.

5 Gluten-Free Travel Tips for the 21st Century

When you are gluten free, researching vacation destinations takes on a whole new level of importance and precision. Here are our best tips for enjoying a safe and tasty vacation free of gluten and full of memories.

5 Steps To Going Gluten Free

There is no magic formula for transitioning to a gluten-free diet, but there are a number of ways to tackle it head on and put you in the driver’s seat, feeling empowered and in control. Here are five tips.

Recovering After Eating Gluten

No matter how careful we are, the possibility of accidentally eating gluten always exists. Find out what steps you can take to speed up the healing process.

Probiotic-Rich Foods for Cooking and Snacking

Restoring your digestive system’s function with probiotic-rich foods has never been tastier than it is now with a wealth of delicious products created just for this purpose. Here are some easy ways to work probiotics into your diet.

Tips to Recover From Gluten Exposure

While no magic remedy can halt a reaction, you can take steps to speed up the healing process after accidental gluten exposure. Find out how to get relief!

5 Tips: Rolling With Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies dusted with colored sugar, dipped in chocolate or covered with frosting are a big draw at my house. To help get you in the roll-and-bake spirit, here are my top five tips for rolling out gluten-free sugar cookies.

The Gluten Free Documentary

The Gluten Free documentary gives much-needed credibility to non-celiac gluten sensitivity, delves into the importance of preventing cross-contamination at home and in restaurants, highlights medical advances on the horizon, and provides some old-fashioned myth-busting.

Eating In Italy Gluten Free

You may be surprised to learn that it’s possible to travel Italy gluten free. In fact, it is a gluten-free haven, rich in phenomenal cuisine.

5 Steps to Go Gluten Free

These five tips and reliable resources will put you in the driver’s seat as you go gluten free, feeling empowered and in control.

Gluten-free travel: Asheville, N.C.

Looking for a new gluten-free travel destination? Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville, North Carolina, is chock full of gluten-free gems.

The Power of #Hashtags

According to Wikipedia, a hashtag is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the hash character (or pound symbol…

Kitchen Gadgets for the Holidays

Being diagnosed with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity usually means spending more time in the kitchen preparing meals. Check out these kitchen gadgets designed to make prep easier.

Gluten-Free Pie Options

Don’t have time to bake a pie from scratch for your holiday gatherings? Try one of these convenient gluten-free premade pies, pie crusts and crust mixes.

Eyes on the (Gluten-Free) Pies

Enjoying gluten-free pie no longer requires you to start from scratch. Grocery store shelves and online retailers offer a selection…

Chick-fil-A Tests Gluten-Free Bun

We tried Chick-fil-A’s new gluten-free bun, which it has been testing in three states since April 2016. Is it worth the wait? Get the lowdown now!

Trend Spotting at Expo West

Check out the hottest trends and innovative products on display at Expo West 2016, from healthy but yummy desserts to nondairy milk products and probiotics.

Creamy Dreamy Treats

You won’t miss milk in these 10 non-dairy ice creams Summer has returned, bringing with it the pleasure of popsicles…

A Q&A Primer On Gluten-Free Bread

    A decade ago gluten-free breads were made by only a few companies and consisted mainly of starchy and fiber-less ingredients. The…

What Is Tigernut Flour?

Tigernut flour is a nutritious gluten-free flour gaining in popularity. It’s also a nut-free option since, despite its name, it is not made from nuts.

Gluten Free in Nantucket

It’s easy to be gluten free in Nantucket, with many places that accommodate vacationers on the gluten-free diet.