Gluten-Free in New Zealand’s South Island

New Zealand is a wild landscape filled with unique biodiversity, thrilling outdoor adventures, and a very allergen-friendly society. New Zealand is a country where many of its citizens have a diagnosis of celiac disease. This means gluten-free food is both easy to find and very common all over the country.

Gluten-Free Buenos Aires

Navigating Beunos Aires, Argentina on a gluten-free diet. Check out this list of restaurants and cafes to help make your traveling easier.

Live Gluten-Free in New Hampshire

Here are some of the best gluten-free places in New Hampshire, guaranteed to make your mouth water and have you planning your next weekend getaway.

Gluten-Free Vermont: Hippie Hotspot of Gluten-Free Delights

Vermont is a hippie hotspot overflowing with farm fresh produce, outdoor enthusiasts, and a funky 60’s vibe.  The Green Mountain State’s lush landscape of rolling hills make it a prime spot for ski resorts, hikers, and nature lovers. It’s an excellent place to vacation and has so much to offer visitors of all ages. And if you follow a gluten-free diet, you’ve come to the right place!

The Gluten-Free Freedom Trail: Your GF Guide to Boston

After years of eating gluten-free while living in the Boston area and being an avid history buff, I’ve created my own gluten-free version of the Freedom Trail. Brush up on your middle school history lessons and come hungry – Boston has a lot to both teach and feed you!