Gluten-Free Denver: Restaurants, Bakeries, Beer in Denver, Colorado

Denver is a fabulous destination of outdoor activities, museums and attractions and delicious gluten-free food. The city has amazing views of rocky mountains everywhere you look. Denver is extremely family friendly and the perfect weekend get-away for a couple of friends who want to see beautiful nature.

The gluten-free scene in Denver is wonderful with many 100 percent gluten-free options for you to indulge in, while exploring a lovely city.

Gluten Free Restaurants in Denver

Just Be Kitchen

This is the best place in Denver for gluten-free in my opinion. The options for breakfast, lunch and supper are amazing. At all parts of the day they provide delicious meals that include healthy ingredients, 100 percent grass-fed beef and they even have a whole-30 menu. I have never seen a place that offers cups of bone broth before. As someone who has followed the autoimmune protocol diet, I appreciate their focus on quality ingredients.

I started the day with their grainless granola bowl and eggs, sweet potato hash and bacon. I have a serious addiction to bacon, so it was right up my alley. When we ate there for dinner, I had the beef burger and a cookie for dessert.

Arepa’s House

Arepa’s House offers traditional Venezuelan food, which is naturally gluten-free. I came across their food truck while visiting the farmers market Sunday morning and was delighted to see everything is gluten-free. While everything looked amazing, I had the Molida arepa because I love fried plantains. If you are visiting Denver, contact them for where their truck will be.

Five on Black

Five on Black is a 100 percent gluten-free establishment and perfect for everyone. You get to build your own bowl with a Brazilian twist. Getting to tailor the whole meal was really fun. I decided on a beef bowl with mango BBQ sauce, sweet potatoes and lettuce. If you are in the heart of downtown, this would be a great spot to stop for lunch or supper.


This is a great spot for lunch. MMM…Coffee is a paleo bistro where you can get a reasonably priced meal with a great coffee. I had the kale apple salad, chocolate macaroon and an americano and it was flawless. I love a great coffee and they take this responsibility seriously.

Quero Arepes

This is another Venezuelan food truck that offers a 100 percent gluten-free experience. I like their focus on using local food products. You can also find them in the Avanti collective eatery for a sit-down meal with your friends or family.

Gluten Free Bakeries in Denver

Deby’s Gluten Free

This is a fabulous 100 percent gluten-free bakery and grocery store where you can purchase flours and almost everything you can think of that is gluten-free. I stumbled upon this place on Saturday and they had the best cinnamon buns. I purchased some other cookies and bagels for our place, and they were just exquisite.

I had to come back for some extra goodies before I jetted back home. I stocked up on the chocolate chip muffins and cinnamon raisin bread. I thought the prices were reasonable and the flavor and texture was spot on.

The Gluten Free Escape

I absolutely loved this place. They are not only gluten-free, but also dairy and soy free too. This is located out of town in Centennial, but worth the trip if you have a car. I knew about this awesome establishment, so I pre-ordered cupcakes and had a breakfast sandwich and personal sized pizza for take-away. I highly recommend pre-ordering with them prior to going so you can secure your order.

If you have any other allergies, they likely have something for you. You can ask for a modification and they can make you something special. They even offer options for paleo as well.

Rheinlander Bakery

This bakery is located in the cute are of Arvada. The owner has celiac and has made many wonderful gluten-free treats for everyone to enjoy. You can choose all types of desserts and cakes. I tried the dark chocolate turtles and they were fantastic.

Kim and Jake’s

If you are going to be enjoying the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge or in Boulder, then you can stop by this 100 percent gluten-free bakery. I visited and had one of their in-store cupcakes, which was delectable.

They specialize in cakes and breads, so make a pre-order if you are interested in getting something for a special event.

Gluten Free Beer in Denver

Holiday Brewing

Holiday Brewing is a fabulous gluten free producer in Colorado. They are located in Golden, Colorado and many of the Denver establishments serve their products. I love their dedication to providing really good tasting beer to people who need to be gluten-free. They have dealt with minimizing cross contamination by not having any gluten ingredients in their production facility. There are many beers on the market that have a gluten-removed process, which is not safe for people with celiac. Holiday Brewing is founded by someone who is gluten-free and takes it very seriously.

In the Capital Hill area of Denver, you can grab a beer at Broadway Market, Burger Bar, Baker Wine & Spirits, Lala’s Wine Bar, Hugo’s Beer and Spirits and Argonaut Liquor.

If you are enjoying a game at the Mile Stadium, you can even have a beer right at the stadium. I was blown away by the support of local businesses and for the gluten-free community.

If you are in the Lodo area there are countless places that you can sip on this incredible beer. The places that carry it are: Citizen Rail, Whole Foods Market, Falling Rock Tap House, Tap Fourteen, Black Street Tavern and even the Coors Event Center.

Restaurants with Gluten-Free Options

Berry Good Co.

Berry Good offers amazing smoothie bowls with fresh fruit and gluten-free granola. I adored the Revive Bowl. It has kiwi, peaches and pineapple, all combined with sweet toppings and coconut milk. They also offer fruit smoothies that will make your taste buds come alive. If you have not tried dragon fruit before, you must try the Dragons Play Smoothie.

If you are doing some shopping on the historic south pearl street, you can stop in for an energized bowl or smoothie.


If you are enjoying an event at the Performing Arts Complex, this is a superb Italian restaurant that caters to people who eat gluten-free. It has a nice date night atmosphere.


Yellowbelly is the place for you if you are craving fried chicken. They use rice flour for the breading, and they have a dedicated gluten-free fryer. No one would ever have to know it was gluten-free.

Revelry Kitchen

The Revelry Kitchen can make anything on their menu gluten-free. It has a great atmosphere for a breakfast or brunch with friends. I loved having their pancakes and coffee for breakfast. The restaurant is quite small, so you may have to make a reservation if you are strapped for time.

Root Down (at International Airport)

If you are at the airport and in need of gluten-free food, then head to terminal C and try some delicious food at Root Down. I did not have a need to eat at the airport, but I was totally excited when I say what they offered for people who need to eat gluten-free.


You can grab a sandwich at Parsley on their gluten-free bread and have a great lunch. They use Canyon Bakehouse bread for their sandwiches. I ordered for take-away and enjoyed my sandwich when we went hiking one day. Not only was the wilderness absolutely beautiful, but I had a filling and delicious lunch to energize me.

Grocery Stores in Denver

When traveling I almost always book accommodations with a kitchen. I stock up on great food to cook at home, while enjoying what the city has to offer for gluten-free restaurants. Denver has a great selection of grocery stores in all areas of the city.

Trader Joe’s

I had no experience with Trader Joe’s since I am from Canada, so I was very excited about checking out the store in Denver. It has many gluten-free brands that I had never seen before. While some items were expensive, I was happy for a new variety of products to try.

Whole Foods Market

This is another great grocery store with convenient locations in the city with many different products to try. I love the fresh ingredients and produce that they offer.


I usually shop in Safeway back home, so I was happy to see these stores in Denver too. While I did not shop there in Denver, I do like what gluten-free options they have in Canada.

Unique Denver Sights

Denver Mint

You can take a free tour of the Denver Mint to see how coins are made for the Western part of the country. It is a beautiful building with lots of history.

Colorado General Assembly

You can also book a free tour of the Colorado State Capital.  You can learn a lot and you get to go inside the building where many laws are debated and created.

Botanical Gardens

There is something about visiting botanical gardens that I love. I usually visit them in every city that I travel to. This garden is massive, using 24 acres to showcase the different plant species.

Brett was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2014. She has visited almost 20 different countries while eating gluten free and writes gluten-free travel guides and lifestyle advice on her website can find her on social media on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.