The NIMA Partners Gluten Detecting Sensor

NIMA Partners Gluten Detecting Sensor


NIMA Partners strives to spread awareness and help educate and advocate for those who have celiac disease and are part of the gluten-free community while also being a resource for those who want to learn more about the gluten-free life.

In honor of the upcoming Celiac Disease Awareness Month, NIMA Partners wants to address the emotional impact of living with celiac and needing to follow a gluten-free diet. Following this diet is intense and comes with many challenges that can lead to poor adherence, ongoing symptoms, increased negative health outcomes, and a decreased quality of life. Evidence shows that successfully adopting the gluten-free diet to reduce symptoms, heal the small intestines, and improve long-term health outcomes requires people with celiac to not only follow a lifelong gluten-free diet, but to have access to tools such as education about the diet, label-reading skills, and communication techniques for food establishments, in addition to support from knowledgeable dietitians, counselors, celiac organizations, and doctors to assess progress of healing and/or detection of complications. The level of burden for those following the gluten-free diet is very high and can cause individuals and families to feel scared, overwhelmed, and limited in their choices.

The NIMA Partners Gluten Detecting Sensor is a personal tool that can be used to detect gluten when visiting new restaurants, traveling, and/or trying new products that are not clearly labeled gluten-free. As many will attest, some products that are labeled gluten free aren’t always actually gluten free, and gluten can sometimes hide under terms like “natural flavors,” which can lead to accidental gluten exposure. Additionally, certain traveling opportunities can feel off-limits because of language and communication barriers when ordering food or reading ingredient lists. Having a tool like the NIMA Partners Gluten Detecting Sensor helps individuals and families feel less anxious and more in control, successful, and confident in their choices.

The positive long-term effects of successfully following the gluten-free diet are many, including lower healthcare-related costs; less time missing school, work, and events; and more time feeling strong and healthy with overall increased quality of life. Having celiac and needing to follow a gluten-free diet does not need to get in the way of living an adventurous life. NIMA Partners is here both as a tool and a resource to help you live more freely, try new things, and live a long and healthy life.

Using the NIMA Partners Gluten Detecting Sensor is an investment in experiences and quality of life, but the benefits of NIMA Partners do not end there. We are here to work with you and to support your gluten-free life above and beyond testing food at a new restaurant. We are here to help you navigate the complex world that comes with living with celiac (as you may know, it is not just needing to eat gluten-free).

Using the NIMA Partners Gluten Detecting Sensor is simple. After a pea-sized sample of food is placed in the capsule, place the lid on the capsule, insert the capsule into the sensor, push the start button, and in about 3 minutes there will be either “gluten found” or a smiley face. Click here to learn more.

While the sample size is small, the accuracy is high. Accuracy can be improved with a few testing strategies. One important strategy is to test a sample of the food that came in contact with the cooking or preparation surface. Another strategy is to dab the cap on various parts of the dish before securing on the capsule. The most important strategy is to use the NIMA Partners Gluten Detecting Sensor and capsules in conjunction with other tools to assist with finding safe gluten-free foods and food establishments. For example, always speak with your server about your gluten-free needs — clear communication is critical.

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If you’d like more information, head to the NIMA Partners website, check us out on all of our social platforms, or email us at [email protected].