Back to School Gluten Free

Your questions about heading back to school gluten free answered, from 504 plans to sharing custody of gluten-free kids to navigating meals at band camp.

Gluten-Free Myths That Still Persist

Despite all the research around the gluten-free diet over the last few years, significant misinformation remains. Let’s set the record straight on some of the most popular myths that persist.

10 Sweet Ways to Reduce Added Sugar in Your Diet

Added sugars are added to products during processing, and it seems they are just about everywhere. They can lead to weight gain and raise blood triglyceride levels, which contribute to heart disease. Institute these healthy habits to reduce the amount of added sugar in your diet. 

Make a Fresh Start for a Healthy Heart

What can you do to reduce your risk of heart disease, and is the gluten-free diet a key to heart health? Learn how you can make a difference in your health.

Dealing With Celiac and Iron Deficiency

My daughter, who is in college, was diagnosed with celiac over the summer. Her doctor told us that she also has iron-deficiency anemia, which she said could be caused by the damage done by the celiac. She’s so tired—is there anything she can eat to improve her energy levels?

Do I Have a Gluten and Lactose Intolerance?

I was recently diagnosed with celiac. I am doing pretty well eating gluten free, but it also appears I’m now lactose intolerant. Is this a forever thing, or do you think it will get better?

5 Conditions Linked to Celiac

This review describes some less-frequently recognized conditions, highlights recent research and discusses benefits of the gluten-free diet.

Can Dairy Free Do Your Body Good?

For many with celiac and other gluten-related disorders, dairy can be a source of discomfort such as bloating, pain, nausea and diarrhea, even when eating gluten free. If you’re considering going dairy free, read this complete guide from our resident dietitian.

The Basic Gluten-Free Diet

Getting the gluten-free diet right is easy when you know the ground rules. Follow these guidelines and you will be on your way to a happy, healthy gluten-free life.