Gluten-Free Living Conference April 4-6, 2014 in Orlando, Florida

By Madavor Media | October 11, 2013

gfl-conJoin us at the Gluten-Free Living Conference where the pages of Gluten-Free Living magazine will come alive! You have read their stories, learned from their experiences and cooked their recipes, and now Gluten-Free Living magazine presents a totally unique event. The Gluten-Free Living Conference will bring the expert advice and knowledgeable leaders of the magazine to the Orlando area for a three-day conference that will show you how to safely and happily live a gluten-free life. 

The keynote speaker at the Gluten-Free Living Conference will be world-renowned celiac disease expert Dr. Alessio Fasano. A distinguished pediatric gastroenterologist, Fasano is leading the way in celiac disease research and currently heads the Center for Celiac Research at Mass General Hospital in Boston, Mass., which sees both adult and pediatric patients. The Gluten-Free Living Conference will be partnering with the center, which, through ongoing clinical care, education and research, is helping health care professionals to recognize celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders and helping patients to better manage their care and symptoms.

Benefits of attending the Gluten-Free Living Conference:

  • Learn from the best. Educate yourself on the nuts and bolts of the gluten-free lifestyle by attending presentations led by GF experts.
  • Join our community. Meet other people in your area who are also gluten-free, ask questions about the lifestyle and learn about valuable resources offered to the local celiac community.
  • Sample! Try new and different food and drink items, collect coupons and go home with information about the latest GF products.
  • Support. By donating to one of our charitable causes you will be supporting research in the GF and celiac communities and helping local community members that cannot afford, but need the GF way of life.
  • Family fun. Bring the whole family to learn about the GF way of life, enjoy a safe and delicious Sunday morning breakfast and enter for the chance to win several different raffle prizes.

Do you own a company that makes a gluten-free product or are you looking to break into the GF world? Then the Gluten-Free Living Conference is the place for you to introduce your products to the local community. Plus, our large network of gluten-free contacts will allow you to market yourself to a wide range of consumers.

Why you should exhibit at the Gluten-Free Living Conference:

  • Reach. Our network includes Gluten-Free Living magazine, Gluten-Free Saver and now the Gluten-Free Living Conference, which means your name will be in front of our audience of well over 400,000 GF consumers.
  • Target. Let us help you build a campaign that contains all the major marketing elements within our network: print, on-line, digital, social media and in person.
  • Pay it forward. We will be giving back to organizations that perform necessary research in the celiac community, and groups that help provide GF food for those that are less fortune.
  • Meet the press. Our unique Blogger Conference will ensure that the people out there writing about their GF life experiences will be seeing your products and learning about your company.
  • MIX it up. Exhibitors receive free entrance to the Saturday night MIX reception (Meet, Indulge, eXchange). Take this opportunity to network with your peers and other industry professionals.
  • Connect. VIP invitations will be sent to retailers, food distributors, executive chefs and other industry professionals, which gain them access to the show floor and the MIX reception.

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